Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our DIY Wedding

We decided on August 31st because it was a Blue Moon.  I found out after the wedding that most people thought the moon was actually going to be blue....While that kind of Blue Moon exists, the moon on August 31st was named blue because it was the second full moon in one month.  It was beautiful! Picture is courtesy of Brud Giles Photography

The sky was crystal clear (and chances are more likely that you'll have a clear night on a full moon evening for unknown reasons) It was perfect for our Star Gazing area in our front yard.  I found a beautiful hand knit king size blanket at Goodwill that we used as the blanket.   This picture doesn't do a very good job of catching the detail.  People used this space all night long.  If I could go back, I probably would have added some small side tables (maybe tree stumps?) 

  Here is the cover of the itinerary that we handed out at our rehearsal dinner.  We had the stamp made and used it on our envelopes for our invitations as well. 

It wouldn't be a wedding without beer mugs!  We purchased these online in bulk for MUCH cheaper than it would have cost to rent them.  Plus we kept several for future gatherings..

 I collected vintage plates from different Goodwills/vintage stores all over Portland for months before the wedding.  It was really fun picking them out! The catering was all done by Phresh Catering- Their food is local and organic.  They did a great job!

We picked up some paper mache letters from Michaels and I covered them in Moss for the back fence.  I was really happy with the result.  However, I wasn't happy with the flowers.  It was my fault because I wanted the most fragrant flowers possible and that was pretty much my only request.  I did explain the somewhat vintage theme and that I wanted greens...and I thought I said gold, but I ended up with yellow.  I think some gold flowers would have looked much better.  I specifically asked for lilies, but I wasn't happy with the yellow lilies.  I think I would have preferred more pods and berries.

We brought out a couch and some side tables.  It was the most popular space of the evening.  

Dancing under the blue moon.

This was a sign that guests saw as they were arriving.  I made it with a little chalkboard paint
and felt stickers.  Photo courtesy of Jeanine Thurston Photography.

Photo courtesy of Jeanine Thurston Photography

I ordered the glasses online in bulk.  It ended up costing a little over $1.00 each.  I ordered the chalk stickers online as well.  It made the project very easy!   Photo courtesy of Jeanine Thurston Photography.

We had a great little sitting area on our front porch.  
Photo courtesy of Jeanine Thurston Photography

Our dining room was one of the food station areas.  It was especially beautiful 
when the sun went down. Photo courtesy of Jeanine Thurston.

A few of the little details.  We made hanging mason jars for around the yard.  They were really beautiful.  I got the idea off of Etsy and my husband suggested we make them ourselves.  We added green mung beans to the jars and got a couple of dozen battery operated candles from Pier One.  This photo is also courtesy of Jeanine Thurston photography.

My husband and his niece (our flower girl).  This is one of my favorite pictures.  Thank you Jeanine!