Thursday, April 28, 2011

Paint Job

Ugly paint can make a room look terrible!  Aaron and I decided our first project was to repaint the spare room.  The trim was orange and the walls were a smokey white - not attractive!

Painting always sounds fun, but when you are doing the trim, walls and ceiling, it isn't so much fun.  Four days into the project we are almost done.  We still need to get some hardware, hang a few pictures, a new light and hang the curtains, but the spare room is pretty much ready for it's first guest!  We have family coming in June, so they will have a nice comfy room where they can feel at home.



Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our New Home

Buying a home is never easy, but for whatever reason I expected it to be.  I was determined to find a house on the third weekend shopping.  We looked at everything from brand new homes, to homes that needed so much work that we would have spent years house poor.

After feeling discouraged our last Saturday of looking, Aaron suggested we drive by a home a realtor had sent us weeks before while I was in NY.  He had driven by it and liked it, but didn't push it on me because I was hoping for a dining room and an eat-in kitchen.  The kitchen in this house was tiny!

We pulled up and I fell in love!  It was perfect!  It was the exact style we had been looking for and had everything else (minus the eat-in kitchen) that we had wanted.

Our realtor met us with the keys.  As soon as we walked in I knew it was "the house."  I started crying and got so excited!  Aaron was excited in his own way too.  By the end of the weekend we had made an offer.   I won't go into all the details of the drama we experienced trying to get everything to go through, but I will happily say WE MOVE IN THIS WEEKEND!  6 days before my 30th birthday.  Happy Birthday to me!

Here she is: