Thursday, April 28, 2011

Paint Job

Ugly paint can make a room look terrible!  Aaron and I decided our first project was to repaint the spare room.  The trim was orange and the walls were a smokey white - not attractive!

Painting always sounds fun, but when you are doing the trim, walls and ceiling, it isn't so much fun.  Four days into the project we are almost done.  We still need to get some hardware, hang a few pictures, a new light and hang the curtains, but the spare room is pretty much ready for it's first guest!  We have family coming in June, so they will have a nice comfy room where they can feel at home.



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  1. hey kara!! gosh, it's been so long. hope all is well with the new house... i love that you painted the woodwork. it makes all the difference. the girls and i are heading back to mn. a couple of weeks early to spend more time with family before heading out east. it's very possible that'll we'll end up back in duluth after all. hope you and aaron are happy and doing well!! take care :)