Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Adding Depth to Any Room!

I've never given much thought to the idea of painting ceilings any color other than white.....that is until recently.  My husband and I moved into a 1908 craftsman bungalow over two years ago and we are fortunate enough to have 9.5 foot ceilings.  I finished painting every single room in our house over a year ago and promised my husband I wouldn't paint anything else for a year.  The year mark hit and I got the painters itch.

Having sat with the colors in our house for a year and through all of the seasons, I'm confident in my color choices.  As with most of us bloggers/decorators/DIY people, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our living space.  Over the year, I've continued to see blog posts and magazine articles with ceilings painted. And then I realized I have a whole ton of untouched potential in my house!  I just needed to look up!

We have beautiful box beam ceilings in our dining room and I've continued to ponder how the box beams could really pop if I painted the ceiling.  My husband went out of town and I headed to the paint store.  He's used to coming home to changes in our house - he wouldn't have married me if he wasn't OK with it. 

I used Kendall Charcoal grey on the walls.  I asked the paint store to mix 50% of the color - that way the color is slightly lighter than the walls.

Here is the before:
(excuse the ladder and painters tape - I almost forgot to take the before picture!)

And the after:

I'm not sure I would recommend this to people with low ceilings - choosing a white is probably the best option in this situation. 

Next time my husband heads out of town, I'll be painting the fireplace room ceiling!  And I'll keep going until he tells me I need to take another year off.  When that time comes, I'll find another project.

If you're If you're in a place where you're happy with the colors in your home and looking for the next project, don't forget to look up! 


  1. This looks amazing and photographs really well! You have a beautiful home. Can't wait to see the fireplace room.

  2. You have excellent taste and vision, my dear.